healing and loss

today i feel the tension of  pain and suffering  and the showers of endless blessing, healing, and redemption scattered everywhere.

peace and chaos.

life and death.

healing and loss.

celebration and grief.

can you celebrate one and grieve the other simultaneously? can we trust in Jesus’ healing while we grieve loss?

one of my friends has had a prolonged battle with infertility. after years of battling infertility beccy got pregnant with twins only to lose both of her babies at 11 weeks. she got pregnant again. we celebrated miracle baby#3 with her. baby oliver was born at 27 weeks. they lost him days later due to infection.

its unfair. its not right. its hideous and broken.

where do you file that?

the only words that come to mind are these.

faith in Jesus

keeps us rooted. keeps us on the journey that we are intended to be on. helps us continue the fight.

beccy’s father, mike breen, spoke words that have resonated deep within my heart the last week.

“faith in jesus is a hard way. its too narrow for the fantasy of the “good life” and the fatalism of “everything happens for a reason”.

its a path that leads to battle.

and sometimes loss.

but its a path that leads to a higher place. and as we fight our way forward its revealed along the way.

and so our road, although hard, is marked with the understanding that every loss is redeemed in the end.

and those we lose in the fight will be waiting at our destination when the last battle has been won.”

what hope.

every loss is redeemed in the end.

this is the gospel.

this is Jesus.

and so as i grieve loss with loved ones around me. i cry for others close and for those far away who have experienced loss. and i celebrated miracles. and i know that there is no other place i rather be than to be engaged in the battle before me.

 so i take my place among the courageous warriors that surround me and i know with certainty we have won.

 the story isn’t over.

every wrong thing will be made right….

has yet to come.

Jesus is coming with a vengeance. to restore all things. He’s the rescuer. He’s our hero. and He is coming.

hold on tight Beccy. Jesus is with you. He is carrying you. He will make it right. And you will hold your three children soon and very soon.


One thought on “healing and loss

  1. My heart aches as I read these words, and yet I am encouraged at the same time! May the LORD bless your friend and hold her close through this most difficult time. And may the LORD bless you my friend, as you walk this road with her! ❤

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