6 and counting

its my little girls birthday today.

she is 6.

and my heart swoons over her. her little personality. when there are no new faces. when the pressure is off. her demeanor. her questions. her smiles. her jokes. her little hand that pats mine.

the little figure that spins and sings around the house.

the one who faithfully teaches her pretend class on a daily basis.

her love for school.

her love for all things paper and pen.

her fascination with reptiles.

her will to create and to make.

her love and care for her baby brother.

her sass.

her smirks and smiles.

her love for her family.

i have an emri story that happened a month or so ago.

we are at dinner with friends.

she tells me she has to go the bathroom.

i tell her where the bathroom is.

she tells me she is scared. i don’t buy it. but i surrender.

we enter the bathroom.

she locks the door. and turns to face me.


i don’t really have to go the bathroom.

i just really need to talk.

i’m just feeling a little weird, you know?

and i can’t really explain it.

can you help me with that?”

my little girl.


we celebrate her today.

this little one.

this little one who hears and sees Jesus. several years of stories, conversations, and questions have produced a mustard seed in her. and we sit back and watch Jesus’ story for her unfold.

DSC_0880  DSC_0883  DSC_0881  DSC_0875


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