i told emri that school is important because if she works really hard

she can do anything she wants to when she grows up.

emri adores school.

all she wants to do when she comes home from school is play school with me.

and she wants me to be the teacher. and she has requested that i be mean.

she’s all things academic.

i told her i wasn’t a very good student when i was her age.

she told me she knew.

she said i was too busy pretending there were little people in the cubby holes.

yes, this is true.

in my defense, there really was a little tiny village in my classroom. i’m certain i saw some teeny tiny furniture once.

anyhow, i wasn’t suprised at all when emri got this little award at school.


which is entirely ironic because when emri was 3 she distinctly told me she had no responsibilities.

well, in her case, she had no “sponsta…jealaady”


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