to create


i try to avoid grocery shopping at target.

i know our budget in my head. i know exactly how much i am to spend.  my grocery list lays in my leather tote that sits behind my 30 pound baby in the red cart. the baby who sucks his binki and blinks at me. as if he’s questioning me. are you going to buy that? is it on your list?

target has mastered how to market.

every aisle if filled with things i didn’t know i needed. or wanted.

i fight against our cultural norm to consume. we consume like its our job. we buy things we don’t need only to have more stuff to clutter up and then throw out. and the gap between what we want and what we need seems to grow massively almost by the second.

i feel like i have to talk myself through this dilemma while i shop at target. every. single. time.

its easy for us to consume. and i think its easy to consume because someone told us that we needed to. that having more is actually better and that somehow it would make us happy and free.

when i think of commercials i think of bright clean colors. peppy songs. bright green grass. blue skies. floating. laughing. joy is here if you buy this car. this cereal. this food. this new i pad. this new cleaner. everyone’s happy when they are buying. some of us even know how to dance super cool in a flash dance sort of way wearing trendy professional clothing when we buy things from microsoft.


we are all floating and smiling at each other.

the reality is that consuming doesn’t produce joy.

what if the opposite were true?

what if we were made to create? what if we were meant to produce with our lives?

we have been given so much creativity.

gifts. talents. skills.

to fix. to mend. to make new.

and there are so many blank canvases out there. so many frontiers. so many broken things that need fixing. so many things that need our creativity. our resources. our skills. our time.

i really believe we were wired and created to change the world.

and yet sometimes it feels as the world has told us that it didn’t need to be changed, it just needed to be purchased.

that maybe we go through life taking in all the experiences of our world and never yet put our hands to the things that need fixing.

the things that need change.

restoration. redemption. rebuilding.

maybe we do this because we were never taught an alternative.

ben and i have endless conversations about this with so many people we love that seem to last until late hours of the night after dinner when are kids are in bed.

it seems like we all feel this.

it’s in us. the truth of it all. we were meant to change things. to make wrong things right.

i think one of the major hurdles is that we just have never been taught how.

sometimes we are stuck in careers we don’t love, making money the world tells us we need, and we feel like we can’t get out.

sometimes getting out means learning how to say no to something and how to say yes to something else. even if it seems small.

sometimes it means redefining what you moves you and making space for it.

i think that’s why ben and i feel so passionate about the next generation. they are at such a pivotal place in their lives and they aren’t jaded yet by time, money, and schedules, and the rat race of it all.

i think the next generation senses this more than any of us.

they just need direction, equipping, and training.

ben and i will continue investing in the Leadership Training Project this summer.

in young adults who truly have so many gifts. talents. and abilities. young adults who have never been taught how to leverage those gifts. how to use them in the world around them, proclaiming the good news of Jesus in their own creative way in whatever vocation they are pursuing.

to have traction in the things you are passionate about, knowing you are made for something bigger than consumerism, to make wrong things right in the world.

this is joy. this is freedom. this is our calling.

our lives were meant to make an impact on the world around us.

and it is so worth fighting for.

you can read more about how we train the next generation through the Leadership Training Project here. and here.

ben and i are now raising support for the Leadership Training Project this summer. you can support us by clicking here. (click on the link and choose LTP deductible)

if you know of anyone who might be interested in being a part of the Leadership Training Project please contact me!


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