blueberry toddler poop and dance parties

big eye-lashy smiles and drool. fatty feet stomping across my floor. bare bellies and giggles. sweet new little words that say daddy. baby. emri.

new baby cries that don’t stop. tired arms that persist under the weight of a baby that needs to be held and swaddled. new smiles. teenie feet and dimply hands. the womp of the breast pump. bottles in the fridge piling up. lucie diapers and samuel diapers.

buttery popcorn newborn poop and blueberry toddler poop.

wet wipes and burpee rags. spit up and drool.

i’ve never been so happy and so exhausted at the same time.

my hair has never been more frizzy (actually, thats debatable)

and i’ve never worn the same outfit so many days in a row. (maybe…also debatable)

i’m covered in spit up and breast milk and i’m carrying 15 extra pounds.

my back aches and my arms are sore. i hit my pillow at night so hard that i’m gone in a second and instantly drooling.

but i prevail. and i am relishing in the hope story my family is living out in real time.

emri and i are sometimes nostalgic for the endless hours of creative time we used to have with one another. but then we talk about it and say we wouldn’t trade our new little wild house for anything.

these are the babies we prayed for. the ones we dreamed about and longed for. the three of us. the prayers of ben, emri, and i. along with a whole army of extended family ushered in these little ones.

so under the roof of our house we press through the hardship and beauty of this season.

emri started school this week. 1st grade. it makes my heart leap and twist in knots all at the same time.

the little lady woman who helps me change diapers has left me for the day again.

i’m watching her grow up in amazement. wasn’t she just the little one? she’s quite the opposite of me in many ways.

so studious and logical. so matter of fact. so little and so tall all at once.

i’m pleading with Jesus that he would somehow give me a clear mind during this blurry season. so i’m parading a few thoughts around in my head during the day while i change diapers and wipe spit up off my shirt.

1. my strength cannot deliver me.

2.  the frizzy hairs on my tired head are numbered. nothing goes overlooked

3.  i can trust him with every single thing

4. he’s so proud of me. he adores me. i’m valuable and very dear to him.

5. it pleases him to give me the kingdom

6.  keep praying and never give up

he’s good. so good.


DSC_0876  DSC_0899  DSC_0894


this is emri upset that samuel keeps coming in her room. and this is samuel upset that he’s been kicked out again.


DSC_0893 DSC_1174

when ben comes home from work its not unusual to have a dance party. in fact, its not unusual to have a dance party any time. dinner. bed time. morning. afternoon.

day in the life at the myers home. dance party style.

hit it JT



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