samuel walker is 2, my friends.

samuel is 2! …well, a few months ago he turned 2. this is life with a quiver full. we had sickness and craziness and just life in general so this is late in posting, but none the less.

samuel walker turned 2. he’s pretty ridiculous. him with his long eye lashes and dimples. it’s over.

i have a boy child. a stinky, drooly, punching, ball throwing, dance partying, wrestling, monkey boy.

and i know this little season of littleness. this squishy, toddling, not forming words well season is going to move so quickly past. and that makes my heart ache a little.


so please give me permission to celebrate this little life.

every year i try to video tape a short interview with my kids on their birthday. with two year olds that’s a teensy bit tricky. the editing is poor and the sound is wonky but i did it!

you have to pull out the big guns. -a big zip lock back of fruit snacks. -and you get to see flood gates of drool, you are welcome for that.

samuel walker, you are my miracle. and i love you in ways that i can’t put into words. i pray that in a foggy, hurting world you will be able to see jesus. i pray that you will know him. that you would hear his voice and see where he is moving. may you have faith, samuel walker. may you have faith that grows like an oak. may your life be filled with adventure, mission, deep friendships, healing, forgiveness with no holding back, love, and laughter. till graying hairs, may the Father carry you.

you are my heart.

happy birthday you sweet thing.


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