a new chapter.

 its actually happening.

the start of this summer marks the turn of a new chapter for our family.

 after years of jesus speaking and us figuring out, in our frailty and human-ness, in the support and prayers of our families and community, how to respond. after a long series of divine interventions and miracles upon miracles. we are moving.

a new frontier awaits.

moving is the most ridiculous thing. my fuzzy brain cannot handle it. if we get out of the house in one piece, it will be yet another miracle. how do you pack boxes when you have babies? these are questions that i guess can never be answered…

so i stand here hunched over the kitchen table typing quickly so as not to forget how insane these weeks are. hunched over the same kitchen table that we’ve hosted many dinners. so many bodies crammed into one small space. bumping  shoulders, apologizing for the lack of space and cursing the dog for stepping on my feet. this home will be missed. we opened our home here. we discipled here. we grew in community here…i had all three of my miracle babies here. i might tear up if i keep thinking about it. no, none of that. no time for that. so here i am…me with frizzy hair, coffee in hand and the same clothes i’ve worn since wednesday and i prevail.

DSC_0035  DSC_0020  DSC_0042 DSC_0045


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