lucie kate

little lucie kate

you are 1.

you have such a sweet, gentle, little temperament and you are the softest, squishiest little thing i’ve ever held.

you are our gift. we celebrate the miracle that you are today. the rolls of chubbiness, the giggles, the way your eyes get squinty when you smile big. the way you kick your legs in curiosity as you delicately examine my earrings. the way you lunge toward your daddy as soon as he walks into the door. the way you smile at samuel and emri…the way they love you, little lu.

you are showered with love, lucie kate.

we pray that you would know the goodness of Jesus. that your whole life would be seeing and tasting the goodness of Jesus in the midst of all the surrounds you. in pain and in joy. that you would know in the deepest parts of who you are that Jesus is alive and real and that you more loved than you could ever imagine.

happy birthday, lu.



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