three years ago, i had a second child. after years of hoping and grieving and then hoping some more and praying and grieving and then praying some more. i had no idea what was coming. jesus did. he let my heart wrestle with hope, knowing what was coming. i think he was so exciting to give me this little monkey. samuel walker flooded the banks of all that is good and abundant and merciful. our lives have never been the same. it seems like only a few moments ago that i posted this.  heaven came to earth that day. the closest to shalom i’ve ever been-the days my 3  were born. we celebrate this little monkey today and every day actually, cause how could we not?

here is our usual birthday video. it’s my favorite part about celebrating their birthday. i love looking back at the year and remembering some of the little things i know i’ll forget as time slips by. these videos are not profesh. and please excuse my highly dramatic reading at the end and the way it seems as though i’m traumatizing my small child. ahem. i am a readers theater teacher. it’s what i do. i read (and maybe a few other things) in dramatic fashion. and i promise samuel, is okay…i think. 😉


2 thoughts on “SAMUEL.

  1. Oh my gosh! I love this so much! Liam will be 3 in April too and I can’t believe how precious they are at this age!!! And how busy they are too 😀! Happy Birthday, Samuel!

  2. 1. The dancing that happens at the end at Dan and Lindsey’s…I can’t hardly take it.
    2. I love reading the Monster at the end of this book to little boys. It’s just the best.
    3. Samuel, you’re so dreamy…we all love you!

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