today, lucie, you are 2. TWO. you are pure JOY. full of soft, squishy skin and more sass than i thought could fit in your tiny frame. i don’t want to forget how chubby you are right now. how your legs looks like sweet stuffed sausage links and that your cheeks jiggle when you try your best to run. all the drool and sweetness of your laid  back demeanor. oh lu, you are LOVED. we all, including samuel and emri, feel especially protective of you. you are our joy.  our cherry on top. how you make us laugh.  how you keep up with us. how you are strong and brave and how you are a fighter- we can already tell -in the best of ways. lucie, your name means “light bearer”. we believe that to be true of you, bearing witness to the reality of the gospel. the miraculousness of your conception, testifies that Jesus brings good news and that he fixes broken things. and your life, i know, will unfurl to the glory and the greatness of God. this God who is faithful, protective, and trustworthy. this loving Father who will lead you and restore the things in you and around you that need him. may your life bear witness to the reality of the gospel. and let it shine bright. happy birthday, my little lu. you are more loved that you can ever imagine.

i choose this video because it perfectly captures the reality of this chapter in your life. all the drool. your crazy dad. not putting up with your brother. thumb sucking. shoulder dancing. all of it.



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