sit. slow. stay.

as much as you can with little kids. i’m compelled more and more to rebel against cultural norms of busy-ness and production and sit. so much surfaces in stillness. and i wonder what all would become accessible if our lives were to slow. media i think maybe has robbed us of things our souls can’t afford to live without. over-hurried schedules have stripped us of the creativity and relational space our souls crave.

last weekend we went camping and there were no phones. no toys. no computers. no list of things to do. no projects to start or complete. nothing before me i had to “better”.  outside has a way of drawing you into its mysterious maker -the one that knows all too well how to fill the soul with good things. even in the midst of pain and uncertainty.

my children 2,3, and 8 caught frogs. went on walks through the woods. picked lilly pads. sat by a fire. slept in tents. held back their heads and took in a wonderment of stars. and were woken up by owls in the trees in the middle of the night.

outside is magic. and it fed our souls.

of course, as we headed out the next afternoon and our car wouldn’t start and we had to wait for hours for help. not so magical.

but i felt like i conquered the world when i managed to nap samuel and lu on a blanket under a tree. two toddlers outside. side by side. napping? no big deal.  while my 8 year old read the secret garden next to them. at one point samuel woke up in a drunken stupor holding out his little cupped hand as if he were holding a frog and he yelled with a groggy voice, “its jumping away!” i coaxed him back to sleep. and even in the midst of their napping we breathed in the stillness of outside. the air was bright and clean and just enough warm to not need a jacket. of course camping requires its own kind of work. but the slow it produced was worth everything.


and a short lil video 🙂


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