four years ago, my gigantic pregnant belly tossed and turned in bed. i couldn’t sleep because i knew in the morning i would hold samuel in my arms for the first time. so at 3:00 in the morning i wrote this letter to the baby i had yet to hold in my arms.

samuel turned 4 this week. we couldn’t be more proud of this little growing man. this charming, twinkly eyed, imaginative, curley-headed monster.

every year on my children’s birthdays i make them a slideshow.  after completed i watch them a hundred thousand times in tears. i watch their growth flash before me in a moment. we hear it over and over. the days are long but the years are fast.  i watch them grow before me in these videos and that truth resonates more deeply than ever. this thing… motherhood- the hardest thing i’ve ever done is the most precious gift anyone could ever fathom.



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