we are heard and known.

i taught a sermon for the first time at my church. i thought i was going to die.

one of those super challenging moments in your life when all of your insecurities come and threaten you at every corner.

there were a few moments while i prepared that i started to panic and question why i ever agreed to do such a thing –and jesus would remind me in his creative, tender way that this wasn’t about me. is was about the love jesus has for the people i’m delivering this message to. my community. my home. my church. my heart would well with courage in response. yes. we do need to be reminded of his love over us. continually. all through out the day. shouting it on the rooftops one to another.

we are not alone. we are seen. we are heard. and we are more loved and swooned over that we could ever imagine.

you can listen here:

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